Some of our products advantages on comparation with main competitors on mole ready to serve market.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • The product is handmade. Natural Ingredients. No preservatives
  • Excellent Mexican flavor and tradition
  • Made as a dehydrated product
  • Longer shelf life
  • No saturated fat. Cholesterol Free.
  • Requires no refrigeration when sealed or after it has been opened
  • Does not lose its properties or quality when opened, just keep the lid on
  • Because of the above, our products give BETTER YIELD WHEN COMPARED TO OTHER PRODUCTS IN THE MARKET


More advantages

  • Dehydrated products have longer shelf life
  • Innovative product in the market. No similar product with this exquisite flavor is currently being distributed in supermarkets.
  • These products are easy tasting because of their natural and HIGH QUALITY ingredients and because they are only toasted and dehydrated
  • Easily prepared; just add hot water and it is ready for consumption
  • It is a SANITIZED product and complies with the NOM051 STANDARD.
  • High profit margin in retail